What Do You Know About Tomato Plant Pollination Tool?

Tomatoes belong to self-pollinating plants. In outdoor conditions, pollination during the flowering period relies on natural processes such as wind, insects, and bees. However, in farming facilities such as greenhouses, environmental changes lead to the absence of wind and the lack of help from insects and bees, resulting in failure of pollination.

Currently, artificial flower pollination using growth regulators (hormones) is widely used for tomato pollination in greenhouses. However, this method not only consumes a lot of labor, but also causes various problems such as malformed fruit, lack of seeds, decreased fruit quality and poor taste, and increased incidence of hollow fruit. Furthermore, using hormones for flower pollination can induce gray mold disease, seriously affecting the normal growth of tomatoes.

The high-tech product of the tomato pollination tool uses high-speed movement of a swinging rod to help tomatoes complete the pollination process, promote natural fruit setting, and eliminate various drawbacks of hormone pollination. Since this method imitates natural pollination, the residual petals and stigmas are shaken off by the pollinator, reducing the chances of gray mold disease and effectively improving fruit setting rate. The fruit is of a regular shape, full with no hollow space, without any malformations, and has seeds. The symmetrical and round fruit with increased weight also leads to an increase in yield of 8%-20% compared to the control group, greatly improving the commercial value of the fruit.

Unique advantages of the tomato plant pollination tool

  • High fruit yield, fruit setting rate above 90%, and increased individual fruit weight.

  • High fruit quality, high proportion of first-grade fruit, safer and more valuable fruit.

  • Environmentally friendly pollination method resulting in a uniform and well-formed fruit with no malformations.

  • Time-saving and labor-saving, only requiring 0.5-1 hour of pollination per acre.

  • Long handle, easy to operate, and does not cause damage to the cervical and lumbar vertebrae.

  • Prevents the occurrence of gray mold disease, reducing the cost of prevention and control.

Time of use of the tomato plant pollination tool

Turn on the switch, gently place the tomato plant pollination tool on the flower stem, and shake for 0.5 seconds. In spring and autumn: shake every 2-3 days from 9:00 to 15:00; in summer: shake every 1-2 days before 10:00 and avoid high temperatures at noon; in winter: shake every 3-4 days from 11:00 to 14:00, avoiding low temperatures in the morning and evening.

How to use the tomato plant pollination tool?

During the flowering period of the tomato, use the tomato plant pollination tool to oscillate the flower stem, helping the pollen scatter and fall evenly on the stigma, promoting natural fruit setting. Careful operation is required to prevent damage to the plants and flower stems. Compared with auxin, oscillatory pollination can significantly improve the fruit setting rate and total yield of tomatoes.

The tomato plant pollination tool uses the high-frequency and precise vibration of the tomato plant pollinator to make the pollen naturally fall onto the style to achieve the purpose of pollination. Vibration pollination can increase the tomato fruit setting rate, reduce the deformed fruit rate and botrytis disease fruit rate, and increase the early tomato production. , while saving pollination time. It completely solves the various disadvantages brought about by traditional hormone spotting.