What Are the Operating Procedures for an Electric Chain Saw?

A electric chain saw is a power tool used by woodworkers to cut using a revolving chain-shaped saw blade. Although there are many different brands and models of electric chain saws, they are all designed according to ergonomic principles and have similar structures.The operating procedures for a electric chain saw are as follows: Accidents that occur during the use of a electric chainsaw resulting in personal injury or property damage must be the responsibility of the operator and the user.

General requirements for using a electric chain saw

  • Electric chain saws should comply with the regulations of the country of origin.

  • The operator must be familiar with the performance and operation of the electric chain saw, and be able to operate and maintain it according to the instructions.

  • The operator must be trained and hold a job certificate. The following persons are not allowed to operate a electric chain saw:

(1) Minors and the elderly.

(2) Weak, sick, and disabled people.

(3) People who have drunk alcohol or taken drugs that might affect their coordination.

Preparation for using a electric chain saw

  • Safety shoes must be worn during operation.

  • Loose fitting clothes, shorts, and accessories like ties, bracelets, and anklets are not allowed.

  • Thoroughly check the degree of wear of the saw chain, guide plate, chain wheel, and adjust or replace them if necessary.

  • Check if the electric chain saw switch is intact and if the power connector and the insulation of the electric cable are worn.

  • Thoroughly check the job site and remove stones, metal objects, branches, and other discarded items.

  • Select a safe evacuation channel and a safe area before beginning the operation.

Electric Chain saw operation

  • Do not work at a distance of less than 1.5m from the conveyor belt carrying the raw material.

  • Before turning on the power, the electric chain saw switch must be closed to prevent accidental starting.

  • Before cutting, start the electric chain saw without load for 1 minute to check if it is running normally.

  • When starting or operating the electric chain saw, hands and feet must be kept away from rotating parts, especially above and below the chain.

  • When the fuse is burned or the relay trips, an immediate inspection should be carried out.

  • Overloading the power supply and installing high-capacity fuses is not allowed.

  • The electric chain saw must be operated with both hands.

  • When working, stand firmly and do not stand below or on the raw material or timber that may roll.

  • When removing jammed saws, pay special attention to the safety of any assisting personnel.

  • Lubricate and cool the saw mechanism during the operation at all times.

  • When the raw material is about to be cut, pay attention to the movement of the timber and quickly lift the electric chain saw after the cut.

  • Before transferring the electric chain saw, turn off the switch and do not operate it during transportation.

After using the electric chain saw

After work every day, tighten all nuts, bolts, and screws, check the wear degree of the saw chain, guide plate, and chain wheel, and adjust or replace them if necessary. Check the wear of the power plug and the insulation of the electric cable. If damaged, it should be replaced or repaired promptly. Before long-term storage, clean up residual wood chips and dirt, remove the saw chain and guide plate and apply rust-proof oil. The motor should be dust-proof. Store the electric chain saw in a dry environment.

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