Introduction to the Structure and Principles of Electric Scissors

Electric scissors are a type of power tool that is commonly used for gardening work to trim branches and leaves, and is therefore also known as an electric pruning shear. Electric scissors consist of a battery, blade, blade head, and extension pole, among other parts. When in use, the blade is driven back and forth by the power of electricity, with the lower blade remaining fixed in position, to complete the pruning work. To use an electric pruning shear, you need to go through training, connect the scissors to the power source through a backpack and battery, and press the trigger to begin pruning. Let's learn about the structure and principle of electric scissors below.

The structure of electric scissors

Electric scissors are handheld power tools powered by an electric motor, with a transmission mechanism that drives the working head for cutting operations. They are composed of the following parts:


Electric scissors mostly use lithium batteries that have large capacity and are lightweight. They are typically equipped with a 1.5-meter long power cord, a charger, and a backpack. The power cord cannot be cut when in use. There is also a type of electric scissors with a battery on the handle, but the capacity is usually smaller.


there are two types of blades, the moving and fixed blades. The quality of the blades directly affects the pruning effect and efficiency, so attention should be paid to the material, workmanship, and service life of the blades.

Blade head 

Not all electric scissors have blade heads. Generally, 3 cm electric scissors have a blade head, while 4 cm electric scissors do not.

Extension pole

It can be used to prune high branches and leaves. The length of the extension pole is generally between 1.3 and 1.9 meters.


It includes lubricating oil, rubber anti-slip sleeves, etc., these tools can make it easier and more comfortable to use electric scissors.

The working principle of electric scissors

Electric scissors use electricity as the power source. When in operation, press the controller switch twice to start the brushless motor. The eccentric shaft connecting rod mechanism is driven by the gearbox to make the blade bar drive the upper blade back and forth while the lower blade remains fixed on the blade frame. As a result, the pruning work of the branches is completed.

How to use electric pruning shears?

Electric pruning shears are used for cutting and pruning of fruit branches below 30mm, as well as large-scale pruning and harvesting in orchards. They are easy to use and provide good pruning quality. The steps for using electric pruning shears are as follows:

  • Open the special backpack, place the electric pruning shears and battery in the corresponding storage bag;

  • Fix the electric pruning shears to the power source through the backpack and battery, wear the backpack, and thread the scissors power cord into the specified fastener of the shoulder strap to prevent the wire from being cut during use;

  • Take out the electric pruning shears and turn on the battery power switch. When you hear a "beep" sound, it means the battery is normally supplying power;

  • Press the trigger continuously for 2-3 times, and the blade will automatically open;

  • Before starting work, press the trigger to let the blade run a few times to check if there is any noise or if it is running too fast or too slow. After confirming it is normal, you can begin working;

  • Switch the blade opening size: press the trigger and wait for two "beep" sounds, and then release the trigger. The blade opening size will automatically switch;

  • After pruning is completed, press and hold the trigger until you hear three "beep" sounds, and then release the trigger. The blades will automatically close. Finally, turn off the battery power switch and pack everything away.

Note: It is normal for the handle to become hot during long-term use of the device. The blade of the scissors needs regular maintenance. When the electric pruning shears complete pruning work or need to replace the blade, you can add some lubricating oil between the blades.