Electric Pruning Shears Are the Gospel of Fruit Tree Pruning Personnel

If you are a professional fruit tree pruning practitioner, then electric pruning shears are your gospel. It can double the efficiency of pruning and increase the profit of pruning. Generally, an orchard of about 2-3 hectares was pruned by 2-3 people in the past, and the pruning time generally takes about 25-30 days. Now one person and one pair of scissors can finish pruning in 5-7 days.

1. Electric pruning shears are used for pruning branches of diseases and insect pests

Electric pruning shears are a kind of gardening tool, mainly used for pruning, pruning branches with pests and diseases, and keeping the tree beautiful. Moreover, the pruning personnel also know that if the pruning area is too large, finger muscle strain, muscle pain and other diseases will occur if only manual labor is used; Now the pruning shears save you manpower and extra expenses without hurting your hands.

2. The best time to use electric pruning shears to prune fruit trees

And winter is the period of pruning: the period of pruning fruit trees with pruning shears is from mid-December to mid-early February of the following year, and stone fruit trees can be extended to early March. Winter pruning of fruit trees must be in a normal hibernation state when the fruit tree is in a normal hibernation state, and the sugar conversion reaches a stable state in winter. After the fruit trees lose their leaves, the nutrients are stored in the branches, trunks, and roots of the tree. Therefore, it will enter hibernation after mid-December. Losses due to early pruning causing nutrient return. After the first ten days of March, the temperature rises, and the nutrition of the tree body begins to transform and flow due to the increase in temperature. The sugar absorbs water and flows, and flows to the roots. The wounds caused by pruning will cause the branches to shrink and dry up due to the loss of nutrients and cause poor healing, which is easy to cause disease infection.

It's a device that makes money from technology, not physical strength. In the past, after the pruning operation, the staff would experience unbearable finger and arm pain for a long time. Now you have no worries at all, and there will be no pain and fatigue after long-term work. Electric pruning shears is an efficient, ecological, and safe electric pruning shears, which can cut apple branches, grape branches, mulberry branches and other fruit branches. It is easier, less labor-saving, and the fruit trees are healthier. It is a good helper for fruit farmers.

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