The Humanized Design of Electric Pruning Shears Makes It More Convenient to Use

Electric pruning shears are now an indispensable tool in garden tools. If you do not know the correct way to use electric pruning shears, it will take a lot of effort, and even affect the service life of electric pruning shears, so correct The use of electric pruning shears equipment is critical.

1. The humanized design of electric pruning shears is more convenient to use

The design of electric pruning shears must consider practicality, make it convenient to use, and work efficiently. At the same time, the design of electric pruning shears must also consider aesthetics. After all, everyone likes beautiful things. Regarding the design of electric pruning shears, let's talk about the arc of the pruning shears. Everyone should have noticed that the electric pruning shears have a curved arc, with a wide blade on one side and a narrow blade on the other. When pruning, the wide blade should be close to the body of the plant, and the narrow blade should be close to the removed branches! If you put the wide blade on the outside of the branch, it will not work well.

The battery design of the electric pruning shears is also very good, making it easier to carry on the body. The battery is made of high-capacity lithium battery, which is environmentally friendly and has a long use time, and does not need to be charged all the time. Electric pruning shears have protective settings, the blade follows the wrench, and when it is stuck, the circuit self-checking program will start the motor monitoring to protect the motor from burning. The protection function of both sides of the motor is controlled by a chip switch; the blade will be opened and then closed by pressing the trigger position again; the battery will be protected by the circuit board to maintain normal performance if the battery is overloaded, overcharged, overheated, overheated, overheated, overdischarged, and underpressure.

2. Tips for using electric secateurs

Electric pruning shears are lightweight and efficient. Fruit tree grafting shears pruning shears needs to master the corresponding skills. It is necessary to determine a reasonable pruning plan according to the variety, age, density, body structure, growth potential and fruit volume of the fruit tree. Here are some tips on how to prune fruit trees with electric pruning shears.

(1) Pruning skills of backbone branches. Pruning starts with the main branch at the base, and cuts from the full bud, but pay attention to the orientation of the cut. Auxiliary branches should be kept between the side branches according to the spatial orientation, and the upright branches, leggy branches and competing branches on the back should be thinned out. After pruning, another main branch should be pruned.

(2) Auxiliary branch pruning skills. The shape of fruit trees is mostly layered. After cutting the main branch at the base, prune the auxiliary branches between the layers. Auxiliary branches can be inserted to fill the gaps, and there is no space for retraction or thinning. If the side branches of the tree have large space, the auxiliary branches can develop into a fan shape.

(3) Review the pruning method. Fruit trees should be carefully inspected after pruning. After the fruit tree is pruned, the tree shape requires that the branches do not overlap up and down, the neighbors do not cross left and right, and the flower buds and leaf buds are evenly distributed.