Advantages and Precautions of Electric Pruning Shears

In the peak season of pruning, workers need to prune a lot of acres. Thin branches are fine, but for thick branches, you must use special branch shears, otherwise, it will be easy to tear the cut, which will not heal well and affect the growth and appearance of the plant. Manual trimming is laborious and cumbersome, and you need to finish it for several days. A lot of money is spent, the work is not effective, and pruning is generally ineffective. It makes your arms sore and hurt, you need to rest and suffer for several days.

The electric cutting shears are easy and convenient. You only need to send the knife-edge to the branch and press the switch gently. No effort is required, labor and time are saved, and the arm does not feel sore.

Ⅰ. Advantages of electric pruning shears

1. Energy-saving. If it consumes 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity for 1.5 hours of continuous operation, it costs 0.7 yuan.

2. Higher efficiency. Electric cutting shears are 8-10 times more efficient than traditional manual pruning. The double-sided bladed knife design can be used for two-way trimming with high efficiency, which is more suitable for trimming or styling.

3. Good durability and low failure rate. The electric pruning shears run smoothly, the supporting structure of the whole machine is simple, the cutting capacity and life of the blade are high, there are few failures, and the adjustment and maintenance are more convenient.

4. The performance of electric garden shears is stable, and the tearing rate of electric garden shears is less than 10%. After pruning, it is close to the natural growth state of the hedge, the crown surface formed is larger, the pruning surface is neat and beautiful, and the buds and leaves germinate more neatly than manual pruning, and there are more germinations.

5. Strong protection function: personal/mechanical protection. When the blade is stuck with the wrench, the circuit self-check program will start the motor monitoring to protect the motor from burning.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the use of electric pruning shears

1. Do not cut branches that exceed the working range of the scissors, and do not cut non-plant materials such as metal, rocks and other hard materials. Do not clamp the tool with a vise. If the blade is worn or damaged, replace the blade.

2. Keep the equipment clean. When cleaning, use a clean cloth to clean the electric cutting shears, battery and charger (do not use any corrosive or solvent-based cleaners), and use a soft brush or dry cloth to clean the dust on the scissors. .

3. Do not immerse electric cutting shears, batteries and chargers in any liquid such as water.

4. Please use the equipment correctly in accordance with the operating instructions. Do not use the electric pruning shears, battery, or charger when they are damaged.

5. The stock switch cannot normally turn on or turn off the electric pruning shears, please do not use the electric pruning shears. Electric pruning shears that cannot be controlled by a switch are dangerous and need to be repaired.

6. Make sure that the switch is turned off when making any adjustments, changing accessories or storing the electric garden shears. This protective measure will reduce the risk of accidental activation of the electric garden shears.

7. Please keep the idle electric pruning shears out of the reach of children with the blades closed, and do not allow people who do not understand the instructions or are unfamiliar with electric pruning shears to operate them, it is dangerous for users.

8. When using electric pruning shears and accessories, follow the instructions and methods of use. At the same time, consider the working environment and the work to be completed. Using electric pruning shears that do not meet the requirements may cause danger.

9. After use, remove the dirt from the movable blade and the fixed blade. Then lubricate the contact parts. In the normal maintenance state, the next use will reduce the resistance and extend the life of the blade.