What Are the Characteristics and Advantages of the Plant Tape Machines?

The vine binding machine is a hand tool used to bind vines such as tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, peppers, eggplants, gardening, etc., and it is also called the plant tape machine. The binding machine is a hand tool used to bind vines such as tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, peppers, eggplants, gardening, etc., and its formal scientific name is the binding machine. In the past, vegetable farmers and fruit farmers had to tie the stems of tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes and other plants to the brackets, usually by hand, which was labor-intensive and low in efficiency. damage delicate stems. The plant tape machine uses a plastic belt as a binding rope, uses a stapler to tie the rope, and operates with one hand to complete the binding action to bind the crop stems. The plant tape machine is exquisite in structure, easy to operate, high in work efficiency, and will not damage crops.

1. The main features of the plant tape machine

(1) Save labor, which is several times that of ordinary workers.

(2) During the busy season, there is more time to do spraying, wiping branches and other work.

(3) The work efficiency is greatly improved, and the planting area can be appropriately increased.

(4) The weight of the plant tape machine is about one catty, small and exquisite, and very convenient to use.

(5) Fast cost recovery.

2. Advantages of plant tape machine

In the past, growers, vegetable growers, fruit growers, and flower growers had to tie and fix the branches and vines of the plants on the brackets. Because what adopt all is traditional nylon rope, cable tie, etc. as plant binding tape, also can damage the delicate branch vine of plants, which is unfavorable for the growth of plants. The plant tape machine has many incomparable and significant advantages, and the widespread introduction of the plant tape machine to tie the branches and tie the vines has become the inevitable development trend of the world's agricultural planting operations, including Western developed countries.

Holding a high-quality plant tape machine that is easy to use is better than four or five workers' work of tying branches, tying vines and vines. It is extremely convenient and labor-saving to use, and greatly saves labor time. It is calculated on the basis of 50 yuan per worker per day. In less than a day, the purchase cost of the binding machine has been recovered. The plant tape machine can not only save a lot of precious time, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity. It is very time-saving and labor-saving. The households save a lot of labor costs and bring tangible benefits and benefits to the growers. Promoting and popularizing the use of plant tape machines among the vast number of growers has important practical significance for agricultural modernization and increasing the income of farmers' friends.