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SC-8101 Plant Vine Tying Tool Machine

SC-8101 plant vine tying tool machine provides a practical and economical method for nursery workers, tree growers, vineyards, and orchards to grow plants. This tree tying machine can fix the vine of plants such as tomato, cucumber, grape, capsicum, etc, and gardening.

SC-8101 Vine Tying Tool Advantages

  • Simple operation: Vine tying tool owns half-press the capture tape, then full-press to bind and cut.

  • Save time: Bundling the stapler makes building your plant more effective than using a zip and cable relationship.

  • Widely Usage: The vine tying machine can be used for different kinds of plants, such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, etc.

SC-8101 Plant Vine Tying Machine Characteristics

Item No.:SC-8101
Ctn size:38*28.5*36cm

 Vine Tying Tools Key Features

SUCA tapetool is an electric garden pruner used for tying up tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, peppers, eggplants, and other rattan plants. In the past, vegetable and fruit growers used rope to tie plant stems and vines to fixtures. This inefficient way of working greatly increases the workload. Due to the manual use of rope, tape, etc., as a fixation, it is easy to damage the vines. But our tapetool uses tape in PE or PVC material with high toughness as the tying rope, the stapler is fixed, and the tying action can be completed by one-handed operation. The plant vine tying machine is easy to operate, has high work efficiency, and will not damage vines.


Vine Tape Binder Gardening Tape Stapler Anti-grip Hand Tying Machine Video

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