The Benefits and Knowledge of Electric Pruning Shears

What kind of electric pruning shears are good? Do you know how to buy? Although the quality of electric pruning shears from different manufacturers is different, the easy-to-use electric pruning shears have common characteristics. They all have the following characteristics.

1. The benefits of electric pruning shears

(1) Lightweight electric pruning shears

Professional electric pruning shears are small pruning tools. Originally, electric pruning shears are used for ease. If they are too bulky, they will definitely not be popular. Easy-to-use electric pruning shears are relatively light. It is composed of fixed blades, mobile blades, lithium batteries, chargers, connecting cables, work bags, tool boxes, etc., with selected materials to ensure quality and not too heavy. Lithium batteries are ultra-light, have a large capacity, and have a long service life.

(2) Electric pruning shears have good performance and low failure rate

Smooth operation, simple supporting structure of the whole machine, high cutting capacity and service life of the blade, few failures, and convenient adjustment and maintenance. The power is strong, and the arm is no longer sore after working for a long time. After pruning the branches, you can easily do other farm work.

(3) Electric pruning shears are used for a long time

Electric pruning shears can only work well if they have sufficient power. Electric pruning shears use lithium batteries, which have a large capacity and can be used for more than ten hours at a time.

2. Introduction to common knowledge of electric pruning shears

The fruit trees planted in the orchard, first of all, the purpose is to let them bear more fruit, to achieve the purpose of high yield, high efficiency, and high income; secondly, these densely planted fruit trees, in the process of growth, will affect each other without pruning. The fruit bears, so it needs to be pruned with professional electric pruning shears at several stages of its growth to keep it in a certain tree shape so that more fruit can be hung. Therefore, pruning is required at the following growth stages.

(1) First, pruning is required at the young tree stage. Pruning during this period is to expand the crown of the fruit tree, increase the number of branches, and adjust the tree shape so that it can perform photosynthesis more efficiently. A reasonable pruning during this period can also improve the quantity and quality of fruit produced by the fruit trees, and also enable them to bear fruit ahead of time, unlike the fruit trees planted in front of and behind the house, which will not bear fruit until several years later.

(2) The second is to prune in the fruiting period. During this period, some weak branches, diseased branches, and branches that affect the photosynthesis of fruit trees are cut off, so that the fruit trees can grow and develop better, maintain a good tree structure, and let the fruit trees grow. The relationship is balanced, so that the fruiting period of the fruit tree is extended.

(3) Again, pruning is required in old age. During this period, some branches that affect the nutrient absorption and photosynthesis of fruit trees should be cut off in time, so that some strong branches can better absorb nutrients and grow, so that the fruit yield of old trees can be maintained at a higher level.

The above are the benefits of electric pruning shears, which can make fruit trees more productive and reduce the loss of nutrients, and choosing professional electric pruning shears will benefit you for life!