The Structure of an Electric Chain Saw

1. The structure of an electric chain saw

There are many different brands and models of electric chain saws, but they are all built in the same way, all of them are ergonomic.

(1) Chain brake: also known as a brake, is used to quickly stop the rotation of the chain. It is mainly used for chain saw braking in emergencies, which is one of the safety functions.

(2) Saw chain gear: also known as sprocket, is used for driving saw chain with tooth parts; Check its wear condition before use and replace it in time.

(3) Front handle: it's the handle installed on the front of the chain saw, also known as the side handle. It is a structural barrier installed in front of the front handle and guide plate of the chain saw. It is usually installed near the front handle and sometimes used as the operating lever of the chain brake. It is one of the safety functions.

(4) Guide plate: also known as chain plate, solid track structure, used for supporting and conducting chainsaw. It is necessary to check the wear of the guide groove, repair the file in time, and replace it before using it.

(5) Oil pump: manual or automatic pump oil, it's used for guide plate and saw chain refueling device. You need to check the oil supply before use, adjust the oil supply in time, and replace it in time if it is seriously damaged.

(6) Rear handle: the handle installed on the rear of the chain saw belongs to the main handle.

(7) Chainsaw: the electric chainsaw with cutter teeth for cutting wood, mounted on the guide plate; Before use, check its wear condition, repair file in time, and check its tension, timely adjustment.

(8) Wooden teeth: used as a fulcrum for chain saw and sharp teeth for holding position when cutting down or crosscutting. Switch: a device that turns on or off the circuit of an electric chainsaw during operation.

(9) The self-locking button: also known as the safety button, is used to prevent accidental switch operation; It is one of the safety functions of a chain saw.

(10) Guide plate head baffle: can be installed on the guide plate tip of the attachment to prevent the guide plate tip saw chain from touching the wood. It is one of the safety functions.

2. Precautions before chainsaw operation

(1) Safety shoes must be worn during operation.

(2) Do not wear fat, open clothes and shorts, do not wear decorations, such as ties, bracelets, anklets, etc.

(3) Please check the wear degree of the saw chain, guide plate, sprocket, and other components and the tension of the saw chain carefully, and make necessary adjustments and replacements.

(4) Please check whether the chainsaw switch is in good condition, whether the power connector is firmly connected, and whether the insulation layer of the cable is worn.

(5) Inspect the working site and remove stones, metal objects, branches, and other waste thoroughly.

(6) Select safe evacuation channels and safe areas before operation begins.