Use Instructions And Daily Maintenance Of The Tapetool Machine

The tapetool machine uses special tape as the tying rope, and the knots are tied with nails and bands. The vine tying machine action can be completed by one-handed operation. The operation is simple and the work efficiency is high, and the crop will not be damaged. The widespread use of tapetool machines has become the development trend of agricultural planting operations.

Guyuehu's high-quality non-removable tape tapetool machine, reliable quality, stable performance, has been quickly promoted and applied in many tomato, cucumber, grape and flower production areas, and is deeply favored by users.

The tying device can be widely used: grapes, tomatoes (tomatoes), cucumbers, loofah, peppers, eggplants, beans, flowers and other plants to pull vines and put on shelves, fix branches and vines, tie branches and tie vines, and maintain vines in daily field maintenance .

Operating instructions for tapetool machine

1. Lightly press the top nail insert and pull the top nail insert out of the nail slot;

2. When using, pay attention to first put on the special strapping machine and special matching nails, and penetrate the strap from the top of the machine to expose a part;

3. Grip the handle lightly, let the clip catch the strap and bring it out;

4. Cover the branches to be tied from the outside to the inside, hold the tapetool machine firmly, make the nail needle penetrate the tie and tighten it, and check whether the tie is cut off.

5. Pull the strap into the guide groove;

6. Close and press the buckle to cover the tape reel cover, and then cover the conveyor groove cover;

7. Pull the strap into the guide groove, and make the head of the strap expose about half a centimeter from the guide groove;

8. Press down the handle slightly with the palm of your hand;

9. Loosen the palm of your hand, the strap hook will hook the strap and pull it upwards;

10. Push the strap forward toward the tied object (branches and vines), and master the extent of the forward push;

11. Press down the handle firmly, release it after finishing the binding and binding action, and then repeat the hooking action in step 7 to start the next binding machine action, and cycle the binding machine in turn;

12. If you need to replace the blade, just grab the old blade with pliers and pull it out, then use the pliers to clamp the new blade and insert it into the blade slot;

13. In case of deformed nails and other special-shaped objects stuck in the nail outlet when tying the branches, you can use a screwdriver to pick out the foreign objects from the nail outlet to eliminate the fault.

Instructions for tapetool machine

Loading nails

1. Hold the body with your left hand, press the handle of the thimble needle down with your right hand, and pull it out backwards.

2. Pick up the nail, put the nail foot in the direction of the notch of the nail hole, put it into the nail slot, then install the top nail pin, push it forward and jam it.

Open the cassette

Hold the body with your left hand, place your right index finger and middle finger on the top bayonet of the strap box, press your thumb on the surface of the box, and use your index finger and middle finger together to open the lid.

Install straps

1. Open the vine gun strap box as described above and install the strap; then close the box cover until the roll of strap is used up.

2. Hold the body with your left hand, put the strap into the belt box with your right hand, and gently pull out a section, passing through the gap in the head of the body, exposing the strap about 1 cm, so that the bite hook can bite smoothly.

Pull out the strap

1. With proper strength, press the handle so that the band bite hook bites the end of the strap.

Note: After the band bite hook bites the end of the strap, do not press the handle very hard, otherwise the bite band hook will return to its original state, making it impossible to bite the strap.

2. Release the handle and the strap will be dragged out.

3. When you press the handle hard, something like this will come out: the bite hook will loosen the strap (this is no problem for the tapetool machine). If this happens, press the handle again and the bite band hook will return to the bite band state.

Note: This can only be done when the band bite hook cannot bite the end of the strap.

Binding object

1. The stems and vines of this crop should be tied outside to inside.

2. Then, firmly hold down the tapetool machine so that the staples penetrate the straps, and the crop stems are bound by the straps and nails at the same time, and the straps will be cut at the same time.

Daily maintenance of tapetool machine

1. When operating the tying device for tying branches, the palm force should be adapted;

2. In the process of using and storing the tapetool machine, avoid contacting the tapetool machine with corrosive chemicals;

3. Try to avoid violent drop and collision of the tapetool machine, so as to avoid position deviation when the staple position is anastomosed and cause malfunction;

4. After using the tapetool machine, it should not be placed outdoors in the sun and rain, and the storage room should be wiped clean, so as not to affect the service life;

5. When storing, it is best to apply lubricating oil and protective agent on some important parts of the tapetool machine