Correct Use of Electric Tree Pruning Shears

Electric tree pruning shears are now an indispensable tool in garden tools. If you don't know how to use electric pruning shears correctly, it will take a lot of effort, and even affect the service life of electric pruning shears. Now let's take a look at the correct use of electric pruning shears.

Ⅰ. The correct use of electric tree pruning shears

(1) Do not cut branches that exceed the working range of the scissors, do not cut hard things such as metal, stone and other non-plant materials, do not clamp tools with vise, and replace the scissors if the scissors are worn or damaged.

(2) Keep the equipment clean. Use a clean cloth to clean the electric tree pruning shears, batteries and chargers (do not use any corrosive or solvent-based cleaners), and use a soft brush or dry cloth to clean the scissors. dust.

(3) Do not immerse electric tree pruning shears, batteries and chargers in any liquid such as water.

(4) Please use the equipment correctly according to the instructions for use. Do not use the electric tree pruning shears, batteries, or chargers if they are damaged.

(5) If the switch cannot be turned on or off normally, do not use the electric tree pruning shears. The electric tree pruning shears that cannot be controlled by the switch are dangerous and need to be repaired.

(6) Make sure that the switch is turned off when making any adjustments, replacing accessories or storing electric tree pruning shears. This protective measure will reduce the risk of accidental activation of electric tree pruning shears.

(7) Please store idle electric tree pruning shears with the blades closed and out of the reach of children, and do not allow unfamiliar electric tree pruning shears or people who do not understand the instructions to operate, without training It is dangerous for users to use it.

(8) When using electric tree pruning shears and accessories, follow the instructions and methods of use, and at the same time consider the working environment and the work to be done. Using electric tree pruning shears for operations that do not meet the requirements may lead to danger.

(9) After use, the moving blade and the fixed blade should first remove the dirt, and then apply lubricating oil or engine oil to the contact part, so that the blade is in a normal maintenance state, and the next use will reduce resistance and prolong the life of the blade.

Ⅱ. Pay attention to these matters of electric tree pruning shears

1. Understand the structure of electric tree pruning shears and be familiar with its operation steps.

2. Turn on and off the machine correctly. Different electric tree pruning shears are used in different ways. For the sake of safety, some of them start to work after pressing the switch twice, so as to avoid starting by accidental touch.

3. Reasonably adjust the caliber of the scissors, such as 3 cm electric tree pruning shears can be adjusted by 2.5-3 cm. The diameter of the 4.5cm pruning shears can be adjusted between 3-4.5cm. It is mainly adjusted reasonably according to the branches being pruned.

4. Correct charging, pay attention to electricity safety. Generally, lithium batteries are charged for 3-4 hours. Some batteries are on the handle, which has a small capacity. Some batteries are carried on the back and have a power cord. Be careful not to cut the power cord.

5. Turn off the power after use.