Factors of Price Difference and Solutions to Common Problems of Tapener Tying Tool

The branch tapener tying tool is also a tool for tying branches and vines that has emerged in recent years, and it is also the most used branch tying tool. There are big differences in the prices of tapener tying tools in the market now. Some sell for more than 10, 20 or 100. This gap is not very large. Why is there such a big gap?

1. Factors of the price difference of the tapener tying tool

Although the tapener tying tool has not been around for a long time, it has been updated all the time. The price of the new tapener tying tool is definitely higher than that of the old one. The current tapener tying tool has been updated, so of course the price of the old model sold before and the price of the new model will be very different. The new branch binding machine is better and stronger than the old one in terms of material and function, and the new branch binding machine is more suitable for the branch binding operation. The improvement of the material has greatly improved the service life of the tapener tying tool, and the performance is also better than the previous one. The upgrade and improvement of various accessories are all to make the function of the tapener tying tool more powerful and more in line with the requirements of tying. The old stick tapener tying tool often has the phenomenon of stuck nails and tapes, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the normal use of the stick tapener tying tool. Branch speed is even higher.

Buying a tapener tying tool can't be greedy for cheap, every penny is worth the goods, we buy what we want, not only the function is good, but also the service life is greatly increased. Buying one expensive one may be cheaper than buying two or even three, maybe more.

2. Solutions to common small problems of the tapener tying tool

The branch tapener tying tool is a more commonly used branch tying tool, because it is easy to operate, can improve the overall labor efficiency and many other reasons, and is sought after by growers. In the process of using the tapener tying tool, it is normal for occasional small problems. But how do we go about solving these little problems? Don't let these small problems affect our normal use.

(1) The solution to the staple

Stuck nails are often encountered in the use of tapener tying tools, especially the previous generations of tapener tying tools, the probability of this situation is much higher. When there are stuck nails in the tapener tying tool, we should not rush to use something to pick the nails, we first take out the propeller and the unused nails. Secondly, we find tools such as pliers to take out the stuck nails, and then reinstall the nails and pushers, and then we can use them normally again.

(2) The tape is cut continuously

The main reason for the continuous tape shears is that the blade of the tapener tying tool becomes dull. We only need to change the blade to use it normally.

The tapener tying tool improves the efficiency of planting and brings convenience. We must learn how to maintain it in the process of use, and learn to use the tapener tying tool correctly, which is also a maintenance method.