Electric Chain Saw Usage Complete Book

What parts are included in the cordless electric chain saw?

Open the package of the rechargeable electric saw, there should be: a host, a saw chain, a saw board, a lithium battery (standard), a charger, a wrench, and a guide box.

Installation method of saw board and saw chain

1) First hang one end of the saw chain on the guide plate and snap it into the guide groove, and then install the other end of the saw chain in the sprocket.

2) Install the upper saw board, and turn the saw chain tightening screw clockwise to tighten the saw chain.

3) Install the upper side cover, do not tighten the nut first, adjust the chain tightening screw to make the chain drive smooth and the tension is appropriate.

4) Tighten the nut and it can be used.

Addition of chain saw lubricant

Lubricating oil is required for saw boards and chains. First open the oil tank cover, and then fill in the lubricating oil. The charging chainsaw is designed with an oil level indicator.

Before each use of the machine, you need to check the lubricating oil in the oil tank. When the oil level is lower than the minimum mark "min" on the oil dipstick, you need to add lubricating oil.

Precautions for safe use of rechargeable chainsaw

1) Do not expose the rechargeable chainsaw to rain, and do not use it in damp or rainy places.

2) When the motor rotates, please hold the chain saw firmly with both hands; please make sure that the saw chain does not touch anything.

3) Install the saw chain correctly according to the operating instructions.

4) Do not operate beyond the normal range, always stand firm and maintain balance.

5) Before starting the charging chainsaw, please make sure that the saw chain is not in contact with anything.

6) If you find any abnormality during operation, please release the trigger immediately and turn off the power switch.

7) If the rechargeable chainsaw falls or hits a hard object, please check the chain saw carefully.

8) When not in use, please place the rechargeable chainsaw in a dry, high place or lock it to prevent children from touching it. Please use the guide box to protect the guide plate and chain when storing.

9) When operating the rechargeable chainsaw, please wear safety eyes; please wear safety shoes, tight-fitting work clothes, protective gloves and protective hoods.

10) Please remove dust, stones, loose bark, nails, staples and wires from the tree before cutting.

11) In order to avoid the saw chain being jammed during cutting, please take corresponding measures.

12) Fix the wood so that it will not move suddenly during operation. Please pay attention to the sawn wood, they may hit the operator.