New Tomato Pollination Tool Saves Time and Effort

Tomato growers know that the traditional approach which is using growth regulators flowering tomato has disadvantages, such as labor and time-consuming, many hollow and deformed fruits, and poor fruit quality. Especially some anther contains a large number of plant growth regulator, and once the use concentration is improper, hormone pollution is likely to be produced, thus becoming a hidden danger of food safety.

Ⅰ. The use of the tomato pollination tool is convenient and fast

A new type of tomato pollination tool attracts the attention of vegetable farmers, eliminating the need to use hormones to flower. After using the tomato pollination tool to pollinate tomato, the tomato fruit setting is good, and the fruit shape is also nice. The most important thing is that the operation is very convenient. It only needs to be pollinated in the shed every 3 days, and each pollination time does not exceed half an hour, which is quite convenient.

Ⅱ. Tomato pollination tool improves efficiency

Tomato is self-pollinated, but in the greenhouse, the wind is too small to shake the flowers, so pollen is difficult to spread. Pollination is affected to a certain extent and drop flowers and fruit become more. In order to improve the fruit setting rate, vegetable farmers generally flower to promote fruit setting. Tomato pollen shedding has a characteristic, that is, after receiving a specific frequency of vibration stimulation, pollen will accelerate the shedding from the pollen bag, so as to improve the pollination rate. The vibration frequency of tomato pollination tool is consistent with the specific frequency mentioned above, so as to maximize the stimulation of tomato pollen shedding and further promote tomato plant pollination.

When in use, the vibrator at the front of the instrument lightly touches the stalk of tomato ear for 0.5-1 seconds to complete pollination. All the above processes follow the natural process of tomato in its natural state, which is of great significance to organic vegetables and food safety.

Ⅲ. Advantages of using tomato plant pollination

Compared with the traditional point-flower fruit setting method, the tomato fruit pollinated successfully by tomato plant pollination has several advantages as follows. First, the number of hollow fruit and malformed fruit is reduced, and fruit shape is normal and the refined fruit hair is turned up. Second, the pollination rate increases. Third, the operation is simple and fast, each mu of land can only use half an hour to complete pollination. In addition, according to the trial vegetable farmers, the tomato plant pollination can also shake the residual flower of tomato, so as to reduce the occurrence of gray mold infection of residual flower and then infection of tomato fruit.

Tomato pollination tool of Zhejiang GuYueHu Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd. is a very effective tool to increase the chances of fertilization of flowers. Especially in indoor environments, pollinators can help to ensure intact tomato plants. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us!