Pruning Techniques Using Electric Scissors for Trees

In order to increase fruit yield, the most common method used by fruit growers is to prune the fruit trees. Pruning can increase fruit yield, reduce pest infestations, improve fertilizer absorption, and prevent reduced production caused by uneven nutrition due to the tree's crown blocking the sunlight. Therefore, pruning of fruit trees needs to be done regularly. In addition, using electric scissors can also enhance the beauty of the orchard, adding aesthetic value.

Simple pruning method for fruit tree electric scissors

The simple pruning method of the electric scissors for trees can reduce nutrient consumption, concentrate nutrients to the buds, and promote their continued growth, directing them upward. Crowned on the tree branches, it can improve ventilation, simply cut and effectively promote the branching of branches and bud growth.

Slicing method for fruit tree electric scissors

This method can reduce nutrient consumption, strengthen ventilation, and improve lighting, accelerating growth. The method is to cut off the interfering slender branches, as well as long branches, dead branches, and branches with no value. It helps prevent serious diseases and renew the growth of fruit trees. Short-term trimming and thinning are necessary. The main purpose is to make the pear tree bloom earlier, especially for sparse and short ones, to increase the lateral thrust of buds, especially for short and thin branches.

Rebound pruning method of fruit tree electric scissors

During the rebound pruning process, the result of fruit tree growth can be controlled, moving the center of gravity backward, shrinking it, shortening the transportation distance, reducing costs, and increasing the load capacity. The dominant part of branch growth and growth to light is restored, and the branches and branches are severely backlit or with few or no leaves, only bare branches. The space of the branches increases, and some weaker nodes of fruit can use this method for pruning to control a three-dimensional effect of fruit trees, which is very significant for positioning and transfer effects and updating old branches and leaves. When pruning in the first stage, the components of tree growth should be analyzed, which have strong potential for growth. The length continues to increase after short pruning. This is good for trees with more branches. By using its natural drooping characteristics, its results can be adjusted to have larger branches.

There are many advantages to using electric scissors for various fruit trees on the ground. It can promote healthy tree growth, deep green leaf color, thick leaf slices, good color, early fruit maturation, significantly increase fruit production, and enhance market competitiveness. It can save energy, reduce costs and labour consumption. When used on fruit trees in a well-watered and well-nourished environment, it can accelerate the ripening of fruit, reducing labour consumption.