Selection of Tape for Tapetool Staples

With the arrival of early summer, it is the season when the fruit trees are in full bloom and the branches are dense and fruity. It is the happiest thing for a fruit farmer to see the fruit trees that have been cultivated hard are full of fruit and thriving. Do you know how much effort and labor it takes to cultivate a fruit tree, and it takes a lot of time and manpower just to tie the branches.

There are many benefits of tapetool staples, of which the help of tape is naturally indispensable. Different from ordinary packaging tape, the adhesive tape of tapetool staples is not sticky. So, how to judge the quality of tape? How to choose affordable tape?

1. Method for judging the quality of the tape of tapetool staples

The quality of the tape of plant tying tapetool mainly depends on the material of the tape. The tapes used are generally made of PVC, a polymeric substance of vinyl. The PVC material of the tape is mainly composed of oil, calcium powder and matrix. Generally speaking, the material for making tape is new PVC material or PVC recycled material.

2. Tips for choosing the right tape for tapetool staples

For farmers, tapes do not have to be of the best quality, but should be selected according to the characteristics of the crops they grow. For example, for crops with short growth cycles and low load-bearing requirements, there is no need to use high-quality anti-aging and thickened tapes. Otherwise, when the crops are harvested, the tapes will be as bright as ever, and they cannot be reused, which is quite wasteful; and for crops with long growth cycles , or crops that grow all year round, such as grapes, kiwi fruit, etc., it is necessary to use high-quality anti-aging tape, otherwise in the process of crop growth, due to the aging and damage of the tape, it is necessary to repeat the work of tying branches frequently; For crops such as tomatoes, the growth cycle is not long, but the tape requires a certain load-bearing capacity, and thickened tape is required. Of course, everything is not absolute. There are also environmental factors that affect the life of the tape, such as sandstorms, sunlight exposure time, etc., which should be analyzed and selected according to the specific situation.

Long-lasting stick tying tape must have excellent properties such as super toughness, waterproof and sunscreen, and it is an essential helper for high-quality plant stick tapetool staples. Different from the various types of stick-binding tapes currently on the market that are thin, small, and short in length, the self-operated stick-tying machine is equipped with a general-purpose stick-tying tape with thick material, large rolls and better toughness to meet the different needs of various crops.

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