Use the Electric Pruning Shears to Prune Branches with Just a Flick of a Finger

Are you still troubled by the hard work of garden pruning? Now everyone is using electric pruning shears, which can easily complete the pruning work with only a slight movement of the fingers. It is effortless and efficient. It is a good helper for agricultural management such as gardens and orchards. Electric pruning shears are powered by lithium batteries and do not require manual labor. Traditional scissors require a lot of effort to prune branches. After long-term work, the hands will grind blisters, and it is difficult to avoid wearing protective equipment. Use electric pruning. Pruners can avoid this problem. Electric pruning shears have a large lithium battery capacity and light weight, and can be used for a whole day on a single charge.

1. Replacement method of electric pruning scissors

The blade is an important component of electric pruning shears, which is related to the speed and quality of the pruning shears, and the blade is also relatively easy to wear and needs to be replaced regularly. How to properly replace the blade?

(1) When replacing the blade, be sure to pay attention to safety and operate carefully to avoid damaging the edge of the blade, and pay attention to the correct replacement process.

(2) The new blade is very sharp, and the replacement process must be very careful so as not to damage the fingers. If you need a new blade, you can buy it from the manufacturer of the pruning shears. Do not replace the blades of different types casually, as it will affect the overall performance of the pruning shears.

2. Advantages of electric pruning shears compared to other scissors

The pruning efficiency of traditional scissors is very slow. The efficiency of using electric pruning shears is greatly improved. The pruning can be completed in a few seconds. If the amount of pruning is small, ordinary scissors can be used. For large-scale pruning work, electric pruning shears must be selected. The blades of ordinary scissors have a short service life and are easy to become dull, while electric pruning shears choose non-grinding blades, which are made of tungsten steel and are durable. Electric pruning shears are also very convenient to use, flexible to use, free to turn, safe and reliable, simple to maintain, and easy to operate for blade replacement.

Many people think that spring is a good season for pruning. In fact, different plants have different requirements for pruning in different seasons. For example, cherry trees, general cherry tree management, start from spring, when they grow to 20 cm to 30 cm, they will be topped. When cherries are topped and pruned for the second or third time, the base must be kept about 15 cm, and all of them cannot be cut off. Specifically how to prune, fruit farmers must analyze the specific fruit trees.