Electric pruners get rid of traditional pruning

If you are a practitioner of fruit and vegetable gardens, I believe that when pruning branches, you have faced the experience of slow work efficiency and tired arms. This problem has now been solved. If you don't know it, it will be outdated. Electric pruning shears are the tool to be mentioned. Let's take a look at the advantages of the device itself. What is the charm? Fruit tree pruning is an important task in orchard management, and pruning shears are the tools that our fruit farmers rely on. How to use electric pruning shears correctly to save time and effort?

1. Correct use of electric pruning shears

To exclude the material problem of pruning shears, the use method is also very important. If farmers use pruning shears for a long time, they will notice that the electric pruning shears have a wide blade on one side and a narrow blade on the other side. When pruning with powered pruning shears, the wide blade should be close to the body of the plant, and the narrow blade should be close to the removed branches! (To put it simply: the wide blade is on the inside, the narrow blade is on the outside) Just hold the branch in one hand and the scissors in the other, with the side of the wide blade close to the tree, push down the scissors while gently pushing to the outside, cooperate with both hands, and the branch can be broken at the edge.

2. The performance advantages of electric pruning shears compared to traditional manual pruning

(1) Significant energy-saving benefits. It only consumes 1 kWh of electricity for 1.5 hours of continuous operation.

(2) Higher efficiency. It is 8-10 times more efficient than traditional manual pruning. Double-edged knife design, can cut in both directions with high efficiency, suitable for trimming or styling.

(3) Good durability and low failure rate. Smooth operation, simple supporting structure of the whole machine, high cutting capacity and service life of the blade, few failures, and convenient adjustment and maintenance.

(4) The operation performance is stable, and the pruning quality of the electric pruning shears can meet the horticultural requirements. The flatness of the fluffy surface is better than that of manual trimming, and there is basically no leakage. The tear rate is less than 10%. After pruning, it is close to the natural growth state of the hedge, the formed canopy surface is larger, the pruning surface is neat and beautiful, and the bud and leaf germination is more tidy than manual pruning, and the number of germinations is more.

(5) Strong safety protection function. Personal and mechanical safety protection, the blade follows the wrench, and when it is stuck, the circuit self-checking program will start the motor monitoring to protect the motor from burning. The protection function of both sides of the motor is controlled by the hall chip switch. Repressing the trigger position blade will open and close the blade. Battery overload, overshoot, overheat, overdischarge, underpressure, will be protected by the circuit board to maintain normal performance.