The Advantages And Uses Of Tapetool Machine

The tapetool machine is a manual agricultural tool used to replace the traditional manual tying method, which greatly improves the efficiency of tying branches and effectively saves labor costs. It is suitable for various branches and vine crops, such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, wax gourds, eggplants, etc.

Definition of tapetool machine

The tapetool machine is a hand tool used to bind and fix the branches and vines of crops, fruit trees, flowers, etc. The tapetool machine is also known as: tying device, vine tying gun, tying tongs, tying gun, vine tapetool machine , Vine tie pliers, vine tie device, vine tie machine, vine pliers, vine knotting machine, vine knotting device, vine knotting pliers, vine knotting gun, knotting machine, knotting device, knotting pliers, knotting gun, tying Vine machine, rattan machine, vine holder, etc. The tapetool machine uses special PVC or PE straps as the tying rope, and the knots are tied with nails, and the strapping action can be completed by one-handed operation to bind the crop stems and vines. The structure is exquisite, the operation is simple, the work efficiency is high, and the crop will not be damaged. At present, there are many tapetool machine manufacturers at home and abroad, and the quality is uneven. Choose the SUCA tapetool machine with good quality and high quality. From the perspective of long-term use, it can bring more benefits and benefits to growers.

Advantages of tapetool machine

Examples of the use of tapetool machines. In the past, growers, vegetable growers, fruit growers, and flower growers had to bind and fix the branches and vines of plants on the brackets. The method used was to tie ropes and knots manually with both hands. The manual method of knotting was labor-intensive, low-efficiency, time-consuming and labor-intensive. (Because the traditional nylon ropes, ties, etc. are used as tie ropes, it will damage the delicate branches and vines of the plants, which is not conducive to the growth of plants). The tapetool machine has many unparalleled significant advantages. The widespread introduction of the tapetool machine to tie branches and vines has become an inevitable development trend of agricultural planting operations in the world, including western developed countries. The work efficiency of the tapetool machine is four or five times that of manual tying, and it is extremely convenient and labor-saving to use, greatly saving labor time and labor intensity. Calculated on the basis of a salary of 80 yuan per person per day, all expenses can be recovered in less than a day. The tapetool machine frees the growers from the heavy tying and vine-fixing operations, saves a lot of labor costs for the growers, and brings tangible benefits and benefits to the growers. Popularizing the use of tapetool machines among the vast number of growers has important practical significance for agricultural modernization and increasing income of farmers.

Application place of tapetool machine

It can be widely used: grapes, tomatoes (tomatoes), cucumbers, loofah, peppers, eggplants, beans, flowers and other plants to pull vines and racks, fix branches and vines, tie branches and tie vines, daily field maintenance and maintenance of vines... ...