Do You Know About Electric Pruning Shears?

Pruning is an important task in fruit tree management. The fruit trees that we have seen are carefully pruned. When it comes to fruit tree pruning, we have to talk about electric pruning shears, which are the most widely used fruit tree pruning tools. How much do you know about electric pruning shears? Which ones do you pay more attention to? Take a look at the following knowledge points of electric pruning shears to see if they are helpful to you.

1. Specifications of electric pruning shears

There are various specifications of electric pruning shears. The common ones are 3 cm electric pruning shears and 4 cm electric pruning shears. How to choose depends on your pruning needs. If you want to prune branches below 3 cm, choose 3 cm electric pruning shears. Pruners are enough, and the diameter can be switched between 2.5-3 cm. 4 cm electric pruning shears can be switched between 3-4.5 cm.

2. The configuration of electric pruning shears

(1) Battery: Lithium batteries are used more today, which have large capacity and light weight, and can be carried on the body. This will be equipped with a power cord and a backpack. The power cord is 1.5 meters. Please note that it cannot be cut off during use. There is also a battery on the handle, which has a relatively small capacity.

(2) Blades: There are moving blades and fixed blades. The quality of the blade is directly related to the trimming effect, and attention should be paid to the material, workmanship, and service life of the blade.

(3) Cutter head: 3 cm electric pruning shears have cutter heads, and 4 cm electric pruning shears do not have cutter heads.

(4) Extension rod: 3 cm electric pruning shears can be equipped with extension rod, the length of which is 1.3-1.9 meters, which can be used for high branch pruning.

(5) Others: charger, lubricating oil, rubber anti-slip sleeve, etc. The rubber anti-slip sleeve has anti-slip effect and can be held more firmly.

3. How long can electric pruning shears be used on a single charge?

Lithium battery electric pruning shears can work continuously for 8-10 hours on a single charge, pruning more than 10,000 times.

4. How long does it take to charge the electric pruning shears?

The time between charging the lithium battery is 3-4 hours, please refer to the instruction manual for details.

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