What Benefits Can a Grape Tape Tool Bring to Grape Planting?

Grape planting has always been a matter of great concern to growers, because grapes are a fruit with extremely high economic value, and grapes with better varieties are more expensive, but to grow grapes well, you need some tools and some skills, today we will talk about how to use the grape tape tool, and what benefits can it bring to grape planting.

1. Introduction of grape tape tool

Grape tie machine is a tool used to tie grape branches, and many people call grape tie machine also called vine tie gun, vine tie gun, vine tie gun, vine tie machine, knot vine gun, knot machine, knot gun, etc. This grape tape tool is mainly a kind of professional strapping, which can save manpower by knotting. Its structure is very simple and the operation is very simple. Therefore, it is a very common tool in grape planting.

2. The operation method of the grape tape tool

When using it, you must start from these steps. First, pull out the top nail insert from the nail groove. When using it, you must pay attention to installing special nails in the grape tape tool, and tying the branches with tape. It is necessary to expose some, and when using it, hold the handle lightly and firmly, so that the clip can be stuck on the tie strap. And the grape tape tool should be wrapped and tied from the outside to the inside. As long as it is set, hold the grape tape tool firmly, so that the nails can penetrate the tying tape and nail it tightly, and then check whether the binding belt is cut, close the buckle after pressing, so that the cover of the belt reel can be covered, then pull the strap into the guide groove, and let the strap show a little outside the guide groove, and then press down firmly with the palm of your hand, and finally the grape tape tool can be recycled according to this mode.

3. The advantages of grape tape tool

The grape tape tool can save about 4 times the labor cost, and it is very convenient to use, which can greatly save the labor cost of people when planting grapes, and also greatly save the corresponding economic expenses. It is a kind of good tool for planting grapes. 

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