Tapetool is a Magical Tool to Free Hands

For farmers, tying vines for crop plants is familiar. When some crop plants (such as tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, etc.) grow to a certain height, if there is no support and tying operation, it is easy to appear lodging, which will not only hinder the field management, but also is not conducive to the plant ventilation and light, affecting the plant photosynthesis.

Ⅰ. Tapetool is of great significance to agricultural modernization and peasant income

Tapetool is also known as a binding device, used for binding and fixing crops, fruit trees, flowers and other branches of the vine, in order to achieve the purpose of saving a manual tool. It is of compact structure, has easy operation and no damage to crops, and the biggest characteristic is to use special PVC or PE strap to tie the rope, band and tie with nails, which can be finished for one-handed operation. It takes an average of two seconds to complete a knot and 5.5 hours to tie an acre of tomatoes. Compared to the 3 and a half days of manual tying, a tape tool is a magical tool to free hands! The use of tape tools can greatly reduce labor costs, popularizing the use of tape tools in the majority of farmers' agriculture is of great practical significance to agricultural modernization and household income increase.

For the metal part of the body of the plant tape machine, manganese steel is used, and after carburizing heat treatment, the plant tape machine is durable without deformation. To ensure that the product does not stick nails to prolong the service life and improve the stability. In addition, the product surface after polishing and electroplating treatment is of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent performance.

Ⅱ. Unique design of tapetool

Tapetool adopts double hook head design, making hook tape more firm and not easy to fall off to improve work efficiency. The disadvantages of the traditional single hook head tape tool are obvious. The hook head is easy to break through and pull the adhesive tape, which leads to the failure of the adhesive tape and low efficiency. The double hook head design does not break through the adhesive tape, which can make the adhesive tape stronger.

The unique spare parts box design is another advantage of the tape tool. It is convenient to replace the vulnerable parts anytime and anywhere, which not only does not delay the working hours, but also extends the service life of the plant tape machine, which is more economical and cost-effective. Adjustable opening is suitable for bamboo poles and branches of different thickness to ensure that they do not turn around and do not drop the tape, which can effectively save more than 15% of the amount of tape. Handle convex design can increase the strength of the handle, with no deformation, no handle drop, lighter and smoother.

Tapetool has many incomparable significant advantages, and the widespread introduction of tape tool has become the inevitable development trend of agricultural planting operations in the world including western developed countries. Since the function of tapetool is so powerful, and how is it perform in the market? Which crops and regions have the greatest demand for tapetool? For planting vine crops, the tying machine can handle grapes, kiwi, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, winter melons, beans, bitter gourd, eggplants, peppers, mangosteens, passion fruits, etc.