The Purpose and Role of Fruit Tree Pruning

Electric pruning shears are a good helper for fruit tree pruning and a favorite tool for fruit farmers. There is a need for pruning fruit trees, and there is a market for electric pruning shears. Why do fruit trees need to be pruned? The following fruit tree pruning shears manufacturers will introduce to you the purpose and function of fruit tree pruning shears.

1. The purpose of using electric pruner tools to trim fruits and vegetables

(1) Adjust the reasonable distribution of branches and leaves. That is to say, to adjust the density of branches and leaves, distribution direction and leaf area coefficient of each part of the crown to make the effective photosynthetic area of the crown larger on the basis of shaping.

(2) Regulate growth and results. Using battery branch pruner to prune and shape the branching angle of the open canopy, weaken the vegetative growth, promote the formation of flower buds and fruit growth, and make the fruit trees bear early and produce high-quality fruit.

(3) Adjust the composition ratio of branches. Short shoots have a short growth period, consume less and accumulate early, but have fewer leaves and lower total photosynthesis, vegetative branches have a long growth period and consume more, but accumulate more later. Different tree species and tree ages require a corresponding and appropriate proportion of branches, so that the operation, distribution, consumption and accumulation of nutrients in the tree in the annual growth cycle can be coordinated according to the normal growth and reproduction rhythm. This can be achieved by pruning.

(4) Pruning can also balance the growth potential between groups of plants and between the main branches on one plant, so as to achieve balanced yield and facilitate management. In addition, pruning is also a means of coordinating the growth of the shoots with the root system.

(5) Electric pruner suca improves the ventilation and light transmission conditions, the plant grows robustly, and the stress resistance is enhanced.

2. The benefits of using electric pruners

Electric pruning tools do not need to work hard to easily cut branches, pruning shears are battery operated pruning shears, consisting of fixed blades, mobile blades, lithium batteries, chargers, connecting lines, work bags, tool boxes and other parts, electric pruning tools It is mainly used for cutting and pruning of fruit branch grafting and pruning and harvesting of a large number of orchards. It is simple and convenient to use, 8 to 10 times of the efficiency of traditional manual pruning, and the pruning efficiency is significantly higher than that of traditional manual scissors. Using electric pruning shears will have the following benefits:

(1) It can double the pruning efficiency and increase the pruning income.

(2) To make money by technology and advanced equipment, instead of by physical strength.

(3) After the pruning operation with the electric pruning tool, there will be no unbearable pain in the fingers and arms for a long time, and you can work easily.