How to Install an Electric Chainsaw?

An electric chain saw guide plate cover device, the active bevel gear is installed on the cover body by bolts, a gasket is installed between the hand knob and the bolt, a spring is installed in the groove of the cover body, and a small steel ball is installed on the spring, which is pressed by the hand knob. The passive bevel gear meshes with the active bevel gear, and the passive bevel gear and the nut are connected by a small screw. The nut fixes the cover on the chain saw blade guide plate, and the handle is installed on the plum blossom sleeve body by a hollow pin. Installed on the cover body, the surrounding cover body is equipped with a limit ring, a compression spring is installed in the plum blossom sleeve body, the compression spring is connected with a bolt, the bolt is covered with a nut, and the nut is covered with a reinforcing ring, and the bolt is used to fix the chain saw blade guide plate and the right shell of the main machine Together, the guide plate cover is covered on the cover body. The structure is fine and compact, and many practical functions are added without increasing the volume of the whole machine, thus improving the convenience of use.

1. Installation method of electric chain saws

(1) First remove the two screws on the main unit, and then remove the cover. The direction of the chain should be clearly distinguished first. The sharp barb mouth should be installed in its own direction, and the direction should not be reversed. If the direction is reversed, the machine cannot be used normally.

(2) Align the slot of the chain with the slot of the guide plate, and then clamp the end of the chain on the shaft of the host. Then cover the cover and tighten the screws.

(3) Then adjust the tightness of the chain. The red button is the tightness adjustment button of the chain belt. After the electric chain saw chain is installed, a width of about 1 cm should be left. In the last step, after the chain tightness is adjusted, the engine oil needs to be drained from the The reason for injecting oil into the injection port is enough to maintain the lubrication of the chain.

2. The installation method of the electric chain saw chain falling off

(1) Loosen the compression knob and remove the compression cover. Install one end of the saw chain on the sprocket, and the other end of the electric chain saw on the guide plate, and the middle guide teeth just snap into the guide groove of the guide plate. The teeth of the chain need to face forward.

(2) Install the guide bar to the cordless chainsaw saw. Note: The rechargeable chainsaw has a device to adjust the tension of the chain. When installing the guide plate, the adjustment block must be snapped into the positioning adjustment hole at the end of the guide plate. Install the compression cap on the guide plate and turn the compression knob clockwise.

(3) Turn the chain tension knob to adjust the tension of the chain. The adjustment standard is: lift the chain in the middle of the guide plate by hand, and 3 or 4 middle guide teeth can be exposed. Tighten the compression knob, and the chain saw guide plate and chain are installed.

An electric chain saw is a woodworking power tool that uses a rotating chain saw blade for sawing. Don't be too tight between the chain and the guide plate. When the electric chain saw is working, apply lubricating oil every 10 minutes, which can not only maintain the guide plate but also the chain. At the same time, the gearbox of the electric chain saw needs to be replaced once a year, and the carbon brushes of the motor need to be replaced frequently, about once every six months.