Improve the Service Life of Electric Pruning Shears to Achieve "Three in Place"

Electric pruning shears are common agricultural gadgets. A small pair of scissors solves the heavy work of gardeners pruning trees, and is loved by managers of agricultural bases such as gardens and orchards. Electric pruning shears have the advantages of simple operation, high work efficiency and long service life. The service life of electric pruning shears is different in different usage conditions. To improve the service life of electric pruning shears, three points must be achieved.

1. Tips for improving the service life of electric pruning shears

(1) The operation method should be in place

The correct operation method not only affects the pruning effect of the electric pruning shears, but also affects the service life of the electric pruning shears. Improper operation will damage the electric pruning shears, and all operations must be in place.

(2) The new running-in must be in place

Attention should be paid to the use of electric pruning shears at the beginning. Improper use during the running-in period will greatly shorten the service life of electric pruning shears. Generally, it is not recommended to use them for a long time during the running-in period.

(3) Maintenance must be in place

Any work use requires maintenance, and electric pruning shears are no exception. They must be properly charged, used reasonably, and pay attention to their cleanliness.

2. Problems that need to be paid attention to when using electric pruning shears for the first time

Orchard pruning shears used to use manual scissors, which were very labor-intensive, not only slow, but also hurt the hands. Therefore, with electric pruning shears, which are powered by batteries, pruning is effortless and very easy, and there are more and more applications. Electric pruning shears are very simple to use, but they are also exquisite.

When using the tape for tree grafting for the first time, charge the lithium battery first. The initial charge will take more than 12 hours. After charging, pull out the power plug. Put the lithium battery into the battery pack, and at the same time insert the power cord correctly into the lithium battery and the socket of the electric pruning shears, and tighten it. Wrap the battery belt around your waist and adjust the carrying position. Turn on the battery power switch to put the scissors on standby. Pull the trigger of the scissors twice in a row, the scissors head is opened, and the operation can be started. When stopping the operation, first hold the trigger to keep the scissors in a closed state, then turn off the power switch and unplug the power.

When using electric pruning shears for the first time, you need to pay attention to the above problems. Fruit tree pruning is an important task in orchard management. Electric tree shears are a good helper for fruit farmers. Their operation performance is stable, and the pruning quality can meet horticultural requirements. The flatness of the fluffy surface is better than that of manual trimming, and there is basically no leakage. The tear rate is less than 10%. After pruning, it is close to the natural growth state of the hedge, the formed canopy surface is larger, the pruning surface is neat and beautiful, and the bud and leaf germination is more tidy than manual pruning, and the number of germinations is more.