• Electric Pruning Shears Company tutorials


    • Remove the machine, install the lithium battery, press the power switch for three seconds and then let it go. After hearing the sound of two drops, it means the battery is normally powered.

    • Press down the trigger continuously and rapidly twice, open the blade automatically.

    • Before working, press down the trigger to operate the blade emptily several times, and listen to whether there is noise. After it is normal, we can start to work.

    • Turn off: press the trigger and release it after listening to "didi" twice: the blade will be closed automatically.

  • Electric Pruning Shears Company Maintenance


    After the completion of the pruning work this season, or when replacing the blade, need to remove the blade, add lubricating oil between the blade maintenance.

  • Electric Pruning Shears Company After-sale Services

    After-sale Services

    If you have any questions about using the process, please contact us timely. We have professionals to solve questions for you. Qualified servicemen use identical replacers to maintain electric pruning shears and this may maintain the safety performance of electric pruning shears.