Have You Utilized Electric Pruning Shears Yet?

Some netizens have been asking whether the electric pruning shears or hand-held shears are better. Lithium electric shear technology has already been very advanced, but have people not yet recognized the electric pruning shears?

To be honest, there is really no comparison, it is like asking whether electric cars or cars, or bicycles are better. Apart from wanting to exercise, the efficiency and labor-saving degree are completely on different levels.

Compared with traditional hand-held shears, electric pruning shears have the following six advantages:

Electric pruning shears are safer to use

Electric pruning shears generally have protective designs, which can effectively prevent mis-touches, mis-operations, and hand-clamps.

Electric pruning shears have lower labor intensity

Long-term use of hand-held shears can easily cause finger and arm soreness, while electric pruning shears only need to gently press the trigger, greatly reducing the labor intensity of pruning.

Electric pruning shears have higher pruning efficiency

The power source of hand-held shears is mainly manual labor, which is prone to fatigue; while electric pruning shears rely on electric power to drive, with strong power and fast cutting frequency. With the matched brand blades, they are more efficient and durable.

Electric pruning shears have better cutting quality

Electric pruning shears have smooth and flat cutting surfaces, which match with the good blades that cut without peeling or impurities, effectively reducing the flow of tree sap. The incisions can heal faster, reducing the risk of tree decay and increasing the survival rate of trees.

Electric pruning shears have lower pruning costs

Electric pruning shears have higher efficiency. One electric pruning shear can replace ten workers using hand-held shears, reducing labor costs.

Electric pruning shears have strong cutting ability

It is quite laborious to use hand-held shears to cut branches with a diameter of more than 10mm; while electric pruning shears with the designed maximum load can easily cut branches of 30mm or 50mm.

Electric pruning shears are one of the commonly used electrical tools in gardening. They are suitable for pruning branches of fruit trees, gardens, mulberry trees, grapevines, and other plants. Compared with traditional manual scissors, electric scissors have advantages like higher efficiency, better durability, higher pruning quality, and better safety protection performance. However, electric pruning shears need to be used by professionals who have received training, and attention should be paid to the proper use methods, timely cleaning, safe storage, and regular maintenance after use.

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